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Adama DiopAdama Diop is part of a long lineage of Master drummers and dancers from Senegal, West Africa. The music and dance are in his blood. He has been performing Sabar and Djembe drum and dance with Sing Sing Rhythms since he was 7 years old. He began his djembe training at age 13 with his older brother Badu, who was lead drummer in the National Ballet of Senegal. Adama was a dance choreographer for Ballet Silimbo in Ecole des Artes. He performed in several clips with Youssou N'Dour. He began teaching students from Europe in 1990, before moving to Germany, in 1992. There he performed and taught djembe and sabar drum and dance for 3 years with the group Gainde.


Teacher djembe, sabar and dance

Adama Diop Dance class Adama Diop Dance class Adama Diop Djembemaster Adama Diop Sabarmaster Adama Diop


Adama has been performing and teaching throughout the US since 1999. In Santa Cruz he was part of the group Domu Africa. Adama Diop came to San Diego in 2002 where he continues to teach classes of sabar and djembe dance and drum. He also playes and dances with the group of his nephew Aziz Faye: Khaley Ngeuwel. He works together with the excellent percussionist Ousman Gueye. As the director of Diop Percu International School of African Music and Dance in California, he has much to offer of the rich traditions of West Africa.


Have a look at some of the classes and performances of Ada to get an idea.




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